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Survey to research sport coaches well-being begins

9th March, 2021

Coaches at Toolstation NCEL clubs are being invited to take part in a survey that will help research into their well-being and be used to develop better support for them in the future.

The research is being conducted by Ben Jeffery who is a postgraduate research student in the area of sport and performance psychology at Sheffield Hallam University, under the supervision of senior lecturer Dr James Rumbold PhD CPsychol FHEA.

They are looking to recruit over 200 full-time or part-time sport coaches, regardless of qualification or level, to examine how sport coaches' personality is linked to their well-being over time.

In the study, coaches will be required to complete a brief online questionnaire three times at six week intervals, in order to effectively monitor their personality and well-being in a three-month spell whilst not taking too much time away from their daily lives.

It is anticipated that the initial questionnaire will take approximately ten minutes to complete, whilst the second and third questionnaires will take approximately five minutes each to complete.

As it is important that coaches complete each survey at all three time points, a ten-minute video of the main findings and top tips for managing coach well-being will be offered to coaches who complete all surveys over the three-month period.

Ben told us: "The findings will be used to support the development of well-being interventions for sport coaches in the future.

"Participants in this study will therefore help contribute to contemporary research that seeks to develop coach education on how to reduce the negative effects of stress, such as burnout, by finding the best individual methods to maintain and improve well-being."

Anyone interested in finding out more about the survey can find out more by clicking here where there is further information and contact details.

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