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Toolstation NCEL player registrations

28th July, 2020

Here were the new player registrations made by Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League clubs in the week up to and including Saturday 25th July, 2020.

SATURDAY 18TH JULY, 2020 - cont'd
Charlie Dolling (Brigg Town)
Sam East (Brigg Town)
Stephen McCarron (Brigg Town)
Reece Moody (Brigg Town)
Ethan Nelson (Brigg Town)
James Osborne (Brigg Town)
Jason Pembleton (Brigg Town)
Martin Pembleton (Brigg Town)
Tom Raithby (Brigg Town)
Ryan Short (Brigg Town)
Joe Smithson (Brigg Town)
Ryan Thompson (Brigg Town)
Jack Tierney (Brigg Town)
Tom Moody (Ollerton Town)

Thomas Brennan (Penistone Church)
Thomas Cadzow (Penistone Church)
Jordan Coduri (Penistone Church)
Ashley Ellis (Penistone Church)
Elliott Firth (Penistone Church)
Reece High (Penistone Church)
Daniel Howes (Penistone Church)
Ryan Johnson (Penistone Church)
Callum Lee (Penistone Church)
Brett Lovell (Penistone Church)
Edward Newsome (Penistone Church)
Duncan Richards (Penistone Church)
Andy Ring (Penistone Church)
Cameron Simpson (Penistone Church)
Christopher Snaith (Penistone Church)
Luke Stewart (Penistone Church)
Michael Bottomley (Liversedge)
Joseph Gaughan (Liversedge)
James Ghaichem (Liversedge)
Ben Higginson (Silsden)
Mattew Cunliffe (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Adam Lee Gowing (Brigg Town)
Michael Jaksics (Brigg Town)
Joshua Jordan (Brigg Town)
Jake Reed (Brigg Town)
Patrick Shaw (Brigg Town)

Joseph Darnell (Athersley Recreation)
Joshua Batty (Barton Town)
Taron Hare (Barton Town)
Benjamin Hinchliffe (Barton Town)
Matthew Plummer (Barton Town)
Charlie Birley (Hall Road Rangers)
Samuel Dockwray (Ollerton Town)
Ben Partridge (Ollerton Town)
Kian Huteson (Winterton Rangers)
Josh Walker (Winterton Rangers)
Thomas Staniland (Parkgate)

Tom Charlesworth (Penistone Church)
Cameron Rigby (Penistone Church)
Kieran Ryan (Penistone Church)
Jack Shepherd (Penistone Church)
James Young (Penistone Church)
David Birch (Brigg Town)
Daniel Boulton (Brigg Town)
Jack Bowskin (Brigg Town)
Wayne Graves (Brigg Town)
Kurtis Morley (Ollerton Town)
Kieren Atkin (Bottesford Town)
Jack Boswell (Bottesford Town)
Mason Ellender (Bottesford Town)
Harry Hudson (Bottesford Town)
Kadey Phillips (Bottesford Town)

Alex O'Keefe (Penistone Church)
Graham Hall (Campion)
Carl Trennery (Campion)
Alfie Smith (Swallownest)

Matthew Allison (Winterton Rangers)
Will Sutton (Winterton Rangers)
Daniel Booth (Maltby Main)
Cameron Barnett (Rossington Main)
Jordan Buckham (Rossington Main)
Thomas Dorgan (Rossington Main)
Darryl Winter (Rossington Main)

Luke Anderson (Barton Town)
Bryn Everitt (Barton Town)
Kian Salter (Barton Town)
Luke Wheeldon (Barton Town)
Joseph Coxon (Winterton Rangers)
Paul Grimes (Winterton Rangers)
Scott Hellewell (Winterton Rangers)
Keiron Walker (Winterton Rangers)
Finn Morgan (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Jamie Allsop (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Ashley Austin (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Amir Berchil (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Luca Binsley (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Daniel Blacker (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Samuel Ford (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Alex Haigh (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Bandan Hughes Miller (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Lewis Jackson (Nostell Miners Welfare)
David Ledger (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Luis Penny-Larter (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Alfie Proctor (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Brett Smith (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Lewis Stephens (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Charlie Thompson (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Harvey Walker (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Luke Danville (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Jason Davis (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Adam Knight (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Brett Souter (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Jeff Steven (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Layton Swaine (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Ben Walker (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Joshua Wright (Hemsworth Miners Welfare)
Stephen Bromley (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Harry Clark (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Joseph Crosby (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Kieran Greenway (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Jamie Hassall (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Elliot Holmes (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Fraser Lancaster (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Daniel McDaid (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Sam Newsome (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Lewis Riley (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Lewis Seyffert (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Adam Shaw (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Chris Smith (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Lewis Thornton (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Ethan Thorpe (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Daniel Ward (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Joe Wilton (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
William Ball (Armthorpe Welfare)
Harry Brown (Armthorpe Welfare)
Callum Charlton (Emley AFC)
Tom Claisse (Emley AFC)
Luke Cranswick (Emley AFC)
Finn Donovan (Emley AFC)
Sam Gidson (Emley AFC)
Connor Glavin (Emley AFC)
Jack Knight (Emley AFC)
Alex Metcalfe (Emley AFC)
Samuel Pashley (Emley AFC)
Dominic Riordan (Emley AFC)
Thomas Rose (Emley AFC)
Ellis Wilson-Gales (Emley AFC)
Jason Stokes (Rossington Main)
Tyla Bell (Rossington Main)
Ashley Bell (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Joshua Corbett (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Mathew Cunliffe (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Mark Ferguson (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Lewis French (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Ryan Hallsworth (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Andrew Horbury (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Gareth Hunter (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Nicholas Lalousis (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Fidel Mhlolo (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Samuel Nelson (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Nathan Perks (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Lewis Pickering (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Craig Tonkinson (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Adam Walsh (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Daniel Youel (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Cenk Acar (Skegness Town)
Daniel Brooks (Skegness Town)
Elliot Broughton (Skegness Town)
Ben Davison (Skegness Town)
Jason Field (Skegness Town)
Victor Hegedus (Skegness Town)
George Hobbins (Skegness Town)
Damian Howland (Skegness Town)
Gary King (Skegness Town)
James Lambley (Skegness Town)
Joshua Morrall (Skegness Town)
Joshua Nichol (Skegness Town)
Tom Sawyer (Skegness Town)
Daniel Trott (Skegness Town)
Kieran Wressell (Skegness Town)

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