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Toolstation NCEL player registrations

19th July, 2020

Here were the new player registrations made by Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League clubs in the week up to and including Saturday 18th July, 2020.

Philip Buxton (AFC Mansfield)
Ross Duggan (AFC Mansfield)
Jonathan D'Laryea (AFC Mansfield)
Jack Harrison (AFC Mansfield)
Cameron Hough (AFC Mansfield)
Morgan James (AFC Mansfield)
Lynton Karkach (AFC Mansfield)
Liam Marsden (AFC Mansfield)
Jamie McGuire (AFC Mansfield)
Thomas Slone (AFC Mansfield)
John Stancliffe (AFC Mansfield)
Luke Walker (AFC Mansfield)
Hugo Warhurst (AFC Mansfield)
Matthew Wilson (AFC Mansfield)
Toby Harris (Knaresborough Town)
Alex Britton (Hall Road Rangers)
William Broadley (Hall Road Rangers)
Kallum Findley (Hall Road Rangers)
Alex Knaggs (Hall Road Rangers)
Adam Parker (Hall Road Rangers)
Sam Robinson (Hall Road Rangers)
Quinn Thompson (Hall Road Rangers)
Paul Wray (Hall Road Rangers)
Lewis Bingham (Ollerton Town)
Jack Dando (Ollerton Town)
Sam Geeves (Ollerton Town)
Aaron Hewitt (Ollerton Town)
Conor Higginson (Ollerton Town)
Gav King (Ollerton Town)
Luke Pickering (Ollerton Town)
Lewis Price (Ollerton Town)
George Slack (Ollerton Town)
Jordan Douglas (North Ferriby)
Scott Phillips (North Ferriby)
Niall Tilsley (North Ferriby)
George Bissett (Selby Town)
Archie Brown (Selby Town)
Ryan Gothard (Selby Town)
Myles Lawman (Selby Town)
Zac Lawrence (Selby Town)
Jamie Phillips (Selby Town)
Alex Robinson (Selby Town)
Luke Sellers (Selby Town)

Dylan Parkin (Selby Town)
Joshua Rogerson (Selby Town)
Mark Simpson (Selby Town)
Joshua Street (Selby Town)
Dayle Hutson (Bottesford Town)
Finley O'Sullivan (Bottesford Town)
Connor Cutts (Maltby Main)

Jamie Bailey (Maltby Main)
Rory Coleman (Maltby Main)
Samuel Forster (Maltby Main)
Hash Cranidge (Bottesford Town)
Ryan Hollingsworth (Bottesford Town)
Ben Johnson (Bottesford Town)
Michael Jones (Bottesford Town)
Declan Jordan (Bottesford Town)
Robbie Leaning (Bottesford Town)
Tom Pearson (Bottesford Town)
Jordan Spencer (Bottesford Town)
Ewan Train (Bottesford Town)
Ryan Basi (Thackley)
Joe Brown (Thackley)
Ben Grech-Brooksbank (Thackley)
Kristian Hargreaves (Thackley)
Lawrance Hunter (Thackley)
Alex Marsh (Thackley)
Nicholas Matthews (Thackley)
Patrick McGuire (Thackley)
Asa Mitchell (Thackley)
Adam Muller (Thackley)
Owen Murphy (Thackley)
Jack Normanton (Thackley)
Simon Poole (Thackley)
James Rothel (Thackley)
Sebastian Scaroni (Thackley)
Raymond Sibanda (Thackley)
Jamie Underdown (Thackley)
Paul Whiteley (Thackley)
Luke Wilson (Thackley)
Oliver Bilham (Retford FC)
Gareth Davies (Retford FC)
Haydn Goddard (Retford FC)
Adam Hicks (Retford FC)
Jamie Housley (Retford FC)
Jon Kennedy (Retford FC)
Paul Middleton (Retford FC)
Adam Scott (Retford FC)
Martin Woodhead (Retford FC)
Lewis Bingham (Ollerton Town)
Jack Dando (Ollerton Town)
Max Dungworth (Ollerton Town)
Taylor Fletcher (Ollerton Town)
Sam Foulds (Ollerton Town)
Sam Geeves (Ollerton Town)
Aaron Hewitt (Ollerton Town)
Conor Higginson (Ollerton Town)
Gav King (Ollerton Town)
Callum Littlejohn (Ollerton Town)
Sam Martin (Ollerton Town)
Lewis Murr (Ollerton Town)
Levi Owen (Ollerton Town)
Luke Pickering (Ollerton Town)
Lewis Price (Ollerton Town)
Brandon Shaw (Ollerton Town)
George Slack (Ollerton Town)
Sam Stretton (Ollerton Town)
Thomas Johnston (Winterton Rangers)
Nathan Popple (Winterton Rangers)
Lee Ridley (Winterton Rangers)
Luke McCrum (Campion)

Arley Barnes (Silsden)
Craig Bentham (Silsden)
Luke Brooksbank (Silsden)
Jack Fairlie (Silsden)
Robbie Fox (Silsden)
Daniel Illingworth (Silsden)
Josh Kaine (Silsden)
Daniel Riley (Silsden)
Connor Thompson (Silsden)
Oliver Fearon (Liversedge)
Jack Hardacre (Liversedge)
Joe Kenny (Liversedge)
Alfie Raw (Liversedge)
Jack Steers (Liversedge)
Kevy Tarangadzo (Liversedge)
Joe Walton (Liversedge)

Samuel Cable (Selby Town)
Charlie Clamp (Selby Town)
Liam Flanagan (Selby Town)
Bradley Freer (Selby Town)
Nicholas Kennedy (Selby Town)
Daniel Snaith (Selby Town)
Daniel Palmer (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Callum Turner (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Aiden Tyas (Athersley Recreation)
James Thompson (Athersley Recreation)
Robbie Miller (Athersley Recreation)
Liam Collins (Athersley Recreation)
Joshua Brown (Silsden)
Mark Everingham (Silsden)
Myles Foley (Silsden)
Kyle Hancock (Silsden)
Liam Hudson (Silsden)
Joshua McKiernon (Silsden)
Joseph Mitchell (Silsden)
Lewis Morgan (Silsden)

Gareth Barlow (Winterton Rangers)
Tom Phillips (Winterton Rangers)
Jake Rotheram (Winterton Rangers)
Bradley Billam (Rossington Main)
Luke Black (Rossington Main)
Bailey Conway (Rossington Main)
Callum Fielding (Rossington Main)
Josh Gelder (Rossington Main)
Bradley Johnston (Rossington Main)
Kabuya Kianga (Rossington Main)
Monosse Kianga (Rossington Main)
Jake Oliver (Rossington Main)
Micah Parsons (Rossington Main)
Adam Watson (Rossington Main)
Bradley Billam (Rossington Main)

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Season 2019/20 Tables

NCEL Premier Division P Pts +/-
1 Staveley MW 26 55 33
2 Liversedge 24 53 38
3 Yorkshire Amateur 26 53 33
4 Penistone Church 28 53 26
5 Bridlington Town 25 48 19
6 Hemsworth MW 28 45 11
7 Maltby Main 28 43 -2
8 Garforth Town 28 41 -4
9 Grimsby Borough 26 40 6
10 Silsden AFC 28 37 -5
11 Barton Town 27 36 0
12 Eccleshill United 25 35 2
13 Knaresborough 25 32 3
14 Thackley 26 32 -5
15 Handsworth 23 30 -16
16 AFC Mansfield 26 28 -10
17 Goole AFC 28 25 -21
18 Bottesford Town 27 23 -28
19 Albion Sports 25 22 -16
20 Athersley Rec 27 12 -64
NCEL Division One P Pts +/-
1 Winterton Rangers 27 59 24
2 Skegness Town 26 58 39
3 Selby Town 25 56 46
4 North Ferriby 26 52 28
5 Campion 24 48 30
6 Retford FC 28 44 6
7 Glasshoughton Welf 26 43 11
8 Hallam 23 37 11
9 Swallownest 25 37 1
10 Nostell MW 25 35 13
11 Dronfield Town 25 35 7
12 Armthorpe Welfare 28 34 -8
13 Parkgate 25 34 -16
14 Rossington Main 26 31 -6
15 Brigg Town 30 30 -19
16 Ollerton Town 26 28 2
17 Hall Road Rangers 24 28 -8
18 Worsbrough Bridge 24 23 -10
19 Harrogate Railway Ath 25 16 -35
20 East Hull 26 1 -116

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