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Toolstation NCEL player registrations

12th July, 2020

Here were the new player registrations made by Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League clubs in the week up to and including Saturday 11th July, 2020.

Lewis Whittaker (Parkgate)
Alex Rippon (Parkgate)
Jordan Annable (AFC Mansfield)
Scott Batty (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Joe Dungworth (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Jake Ellam (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Ashley Emmett (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Liam Graham (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Kieran Hirst (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Joe Jackson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Dan Palmer (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Ellis Pichard (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Ross Pritchard (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Sam Race (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Billy Rhodes (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Connor Rollinson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Jack Shaw (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)

Matthew Crookes (Parkgate)

Jason Carney (Campion)
Scott Eastwood (Campion)
Jack Carr (Knaresborough Town)
Sam Cook (Knaresborough Town)
Owen Walker (East Hull)
Jack Overton (East Hull)
Tom Jones (East Hull)
Marc Wain (East Hull)
Lewis Hill (East Hull)
Harley Ward (East Hull)
Mervote Hussein (East Hull)
Iyri Braz (East Hull)
David Watts (East Hull)
Ali Alshamari (East Hull)
Archie Walker (East Hull)
Gaell Nyayadio (East Hull)
Rocky Makinata (East Hull)
Courage Isah (East Hull)
Sam Scott (East Hull)
Kedir Bahani Kedir (East Hull)
Thomas Whiting (East Hull)
Jason Weightman (East Hull)
Joashua Ward (East Hull)
Ellis Barksworth (Barton Town)
Noel Burdett (Barton Town)
Craig Disley (Barton Town)
Oliver Fisher (Barton Town)
Luke Hornsey (Barton Town)
Scott Matthews (Barton Town)
Adam Millson (Barton Town)
Nathan Peat (Barton Town)
Robert Start (Barton Town)
Grant Tait (Barton Town)
Reece Treasure (Maltby Main)
William Eades (Maltby Main)
Joseph Austin (Maltby Main)
Bradley Morton (Maltby Main)
Jed Mcgowan (Maltby Main)
Johnathan Williams (Maltby Main)
Ashley Cooper (Maltby Main)
Jonathan Hill (Maltby Main)
Steven Hopewell (Maltby Main)
Sam Liversedge (Maltby Main)
Mitchell Dunne (Maltby Main)
Robert Chipps (Maltby Main)
James Pollard (Maltby Main)
Jed Phillips (Maltby Main)
Anthony Mackie (Handsworth)
Jason Kitchen (Goole AFC)
Ryan Mottley Henry (Goole AFC)
Reagan Waud (Goole AFC)
Nathan Woodward (Goole AFC)
Jamie Bee Ancleme (Goole AFC)
Aiden Smith (Goole AFC)
Tawheed Ahmed (Goole AFC)
Gracyan Kilmczak (Goole AFC)
Joshua Schofield (Goole AFC)
Dahian Wieczorek (Goole AFC)
Jake Boyd (Goole AFC)
Adam Mayward (Goole AFC)
Reece Fennell (Goole AFC)
Mateusz Zaniewski (Goole AFC)
Anees Younis (Goole AFC)
Carl Robinson (Goole AFC)
Joshua O'Neill (Goole AFC)
Luke Coates (Goole AFC)
Oliver Muade (Goole AFC)
Sandile Majuka (Goole AFC)
Alexanda Knox (Goole AFC)
Adam Fowler (Goole AFC)
Joe Tasker (Goole AFC)
James Arnold (Armthorpe Welfare)
Craig Aspinall (Armthorpe Welfare)
Adam Baskerville (Armthorpe Welfare)
Kieran Baskerville (Armthorpe Welfare)
Sisquo Blake (Armthorpe Welfare)
Joshua Bowkett (Armthorpe Welfare)
Sean Dickinson (Armthorpe Welfare)
Josh Dodd (Armthorpe Welfare)
Steven Garner (Armthorpe Welfare)
Alan Jackson (Armthorpe Welfare)
Adam Lee (Armthorpe Welfare)
Reece Lucas (Armthorpe Welfare)
Lee Mcfadden (Armthorpe Welfare)
Paul Sherburn (Armthorpe Welfare)
Chris Simpkins (Armthorpe Welfare)
Jordan Snodin (Armthorpe Welfare)
Tyler Walker (Armthorpe Welfare)
Richard Watson (Armthorpe Welfare)
Luke Williams (Armthorpe Welfare)

Thomas Dugdale (Knaresborough Town)
Josh Garbutt (Knaresborough Town)
Jack Mawson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Joe Singleton (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Greg Kidd (Knaresborough Town)
Samuel Lee (Knaresborough Town)
Williams Lenehan (Knaresborough Town)
Philip Milsom (Knaresborough Town)
Shay Bould (Athersley Recreation)
Ben Woodlock (Athersley Recreation)
Ashley Millson (Athersley Recreation)
Thomas Foltyn Brown (Athersley Recreation)
Alex Hutchinson (Athersley Recreation)
Connor Rushforth (Athersley Recreation)
Connor Johnson (Athersley Recreation)
Liam O'Brien (Athersley Recreation)
Josh Bucknall (Athersley Recreation)
Jake Dickinson (Athersley Recreation)
Lee Garside (Athersley Recreation)
Bradley Hutchinson (Athersley Recreation)
Baily Cowsell (Athersley Recreation)
Jack Briscoe (Athersley Recreation)
Thomas Street (Athersley Recreation)
Mathew Birks (Athersley Recreation)
Mccauley Shillitto (Athersley Recreation)
Danny Gaunt (Athersley Recreation)
Joshua Berry (Athersley Recreation)
Ryan Clements (Athersley Recreation)
Kyle Wordsworth (Athersley Recreation)
Kane Sanderson (Athersley Recreation)
Shane Kelsey (Athersley Recreation)
Jacob Morton (Athersley Recreation)
Jimmy Pursell (Athersley Recreation)
Darwell Joseph (Athersley Recreation)
Red Bates (Athersley Recreation)
Aiden Salmons (Athersley Recreation)
Lewis O'Connor (Athersley Recreation)
Luke Harrop (Campion)
Suruma Bojang (Knaresborough Town)
Benjamin Parks (Knaresborough Town)
Jack Powis (Knaresborough Town)
Alfie Stevens Neale (Knaresborough Town)
Daniel Thirkell (Knaresborough Town)
Bradley Walker (Knaresborough Town)
Josh Wicks (Knaresborough Town)
Dominic Wilson (Knaresborough Town)
Rob Youhill (Knaresborough Town)
Gary Bradshaw (North Ferriby)
Thomas Corner (North Ferriby)
Daniel East (North Ferriby)
Danny Emerton (North Ferriby)
Lewis Exall (North Ferriby)
Jamie Forrester (North Ferriby)
Louis Kirk (North Ferriby)
Ben Leyland (North Ferriby)
Liam Nelthorpe (North Ferriby)
James Piercy (North Ferriby)
Joel Shortland (North Ferriby)
Levi Tarbotton (North Ferriby)
Antony Brown (Silsden)

Dan O'Connor (Hall Road Rangers)
Nathan Walker (Hall Road Rangers)

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Season 2019/20 Tables

NCEL Premier Division P Pts +/-
1 Staveley MW 26 55 33
2 Liversedge 24 53 38
3 Yorkshire Amateur 26 53 33
4 Penistone Church 28 53 26
5 Bridlington Town 25 48 19
6 Hemsworth MW 28 45 11
7 Maltby Main 28 43 -2
8 Garforth Town 28 41 -4
9 Grimsby Borough 26 40 6
10 Silsden 28 37 -5
11 Barton Town 27 36 0
12 Eccleshill United 25 35 2
13 Knaresborough 25 32 3
14 Thackley 26 32 -5
15 Handsworth 23 30 -16
16 AFC Mansfield 26 28 -10
17 Goole AFC 28 25 -21
18 Bottesford Town 27 23 -28
19 Albion Sports 25 22 -16
20 Athersley Rec 27 12 -64
NCEL Division One P Pts +/-
1 Winterton Rangers 27 59 24
2 Skegness Town 26 58 39
3 Selby Town 25 56 46
4 North Ferriby 26 52 28
5 Campion 24 48 30
6 Retford FC 28 44 6
7 Glasshoughton Welfare 26 43 11
8 Hallam 23 37 11
9 Swallownest 25 37 1
10 Nostell MW 25 35 13
11 Dronfield Town 25 35 7
12 Armthorpe Welfare 28 34 -8
13 Parkgate 25 34 -16
14 Rossington Main 26 31 -6
15 Brigg Town 30 30 -19
16 Ollerton Town 26 28 2
17 Hall Road Rangers 24 28 -8
18 Worsbrough Bridge 24 23 -10
19 Harrogate Railway Athletic 25 16 -35
20 East Hull 26 1 -116

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