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Rail players help save DJ's life at clubhouse

3rd October, 2021

A player at Toolstation NCEL Division One side Harrogate Railway Athletic has been describing the moment he and others came to the rescue of a DJ who had collapsed whilst performing at their clubhouse.

It happened following Saturday's match in which the Rail had beaten Nostell Miners Welfare 4-0, but all celebrations were dramatically put on hold as they helped to save the man's life.

Speaking to BBC Radio York's Jeremy Buxton, Mike Morris said: "We finished the game and we were in the clubhouse, just chilling out and having a good time when the bar lady Ann came running in, clearly distressed and shouting for a defibrillator.

"So, myself and captain Dan McDaid went to see what was wrong and the DJ was on the floor and it looked like he'd suffered a cardiac arrest.

"Everyone was panicking, it was a full clubhouse, there was a party going on, it was not a nice thing to see."

Mike was able to use his army training to help but admitted if it was not for others then the situation could have been much worse.

He said: "There were two people there who, I think, work for Harrogate Hospital - they were either doctors or nurses and, if wasn't for them, I think he would be dead now.

"I was just helping with basic first aid, we got the defibrillator out and the nurses or doctors gave him the shocks - he had five before he came back."

Mike also revealed that the man has messaged the club via social media this morning, thanking everybody for saving his life: "I'm really happy that he's fine and back with us, really happy that we've helped him, the whole club. We've done a good thing for him."

And, he says it shows how important it is for clubhouses to have defibrillators, adding: "Every sports club, at every level from kids to adults, they need to have these defibrillators.

"It should be law that they have them."

You can hear the full interview on the BBC Sounds website by clicking here.

(Story Source: BBC)

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