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Toolstation NCEL player registrations

9th July, 2021

Here are the new player registrations made by Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League clubs so far in July ahead of the start of the season at the end of the month.

Jacob Holt (Clipstone)
Joshua Ing (Clipstone)
Jack Lowe (Clipstone)
Joshua Pickering (Clipstone)
Jack Wright (Clipstone)
Ellis Evans (Sherwood Colliery)
Aaron Hewitt (Sherwood Colliery)
Ryan Ingram (Sherwood Colliery)
Lewis Belgrave (Sherwood Colliery)
Ross Henshaw (Sherwood Colliery)
Eden Homer (Sherwood Colliery)
William Norcross (Sherwood Colliery)
Keenan Leeds (Sherwood Colliery)
Jamie Bailey (Maltby Main)
Robert Chipps (Maltby Main)
Connor Cutts (Maltby Main)
Alex Hardwick (Maltby Main)
Jed Mcgowan (Maltby Main)
Niall Smith (Maltby Main)
Ben Algar (Maltby Main)
Nathan Jessop (Shirebrook Town)
Keiran Coupe (Rainworth Miners Welfare)
Myles Lawman (Selby Town)
Liam Marsden (Maltby Main)
Reece Botterill (Selby Town)

Jamie Allsop (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Zak Argyle (Retford FC)
Joseph Austin (Maltby Main)
Charlie Auty (Eccleshill United)
Harry Brown (Armthorpe Welfare)
Ryan Clay (Albion Sports)
Gareth Curtis (Sherwood Colliery)
Jack Dando (Sherwood Colliery)
Danny Edwards (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Thomas Foltyn Brown (Armthorpe Welfare)
Steven Garner (Armthorpe Welfare)
Alexander Haigh (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Jordan Jones (Shirebrook Town)
Kenan McKenzie (Shirebrook Town)
Liam Ormsby (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Ewan Robson (Sherwood Colliery)
Eoin Schofield (Albion Sports)
Jobe Shaw (Sherwood Colliery)
Ricky Starbuck (Sherwood Colliery)
Joshua Turton (Sherwood Colliery)
Carter Widdowson (Sherwood Colliery)
Keiron Sykes-Tobin (Shirebrook Town)
Mateusz Zaniewski (Goole AFC)
Harvey Walker (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Shaun Airey (Silsden AFC)
Daniel Fullwood (Shirebrook Town)
Daniel Ramsey (Shirebrook Town)
Macole Lannaman (Shirebrook Town)
Nathan Hawkhead (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Nathan Clarke (Sherwood Colliery)
Timothy Gregory (Sherwood Colliery)
Dale Sheppard (Sherwood Colliery)
Charlie Taylor (Sherwood Colliery)
Finlay Auty (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Ethan Balackbourn (Clipstone)
Lee Kelsey (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Brandon Miller (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Lewis Pickering (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Brett Smith (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Harry James Atkinson (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Samuel Kay (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Charles Oglesby (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Marcus Gordon (Shirebrook Town)
Jamie Housley (Retford FC)
Leon Larcombe-Loftus (Retford FC)
Zach Casburn (Retford FC)
Reece Treasure (Shirebrook Town)
Thomas Claisse (Emley AFC)
Bradley Morton (Maltby Main)
Ben Leyland (North Ferriby)
Joshua Dennett (North Ferriby)
Daniel Facey (Albion Sports)
Daniel Brown (Albion Sports)
Finn Donovan (Albion Sports)
Anani Hakkinen (Albion Sports)
Jack Wilson (Armthorpe Welfare)
Sebastian Tylek (Armthorpe Welfare)
Reece Lucas (Goole AFC)
Joshua Schofield (Goole AFC)
Joshua Dacre (Goole AFC)
Luke Williams (Goole AFC)
Harley Wilson (Goole AFC)
James Arnold (Goole AFC)
Joseph Fella (Goole AFC)
Reuben Pearse (Goole AFC)
Sean Dickinson (Goole AFC)
Carl Stewart (Goole AFC)
Johnathan Williams (Maltby Main)
Thomas Corner (North Ferriby)
Daniel East (North Ferriby)
Danny Emerton (North Ferriby)
Niall Tilsley (North Ferriby)
Edward Rogerson (North Ferriby)
Joel Shortland (North Ferriby)
Danny Clarke (North Ferriby)
Lewis Exall (North Ferriby)
Reece Fennell (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Nathan Perks (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Christopher Woodhead (Retford FC)
Adam Scott (Retford FC)
Haydn Goddard (Retford FC)
Paul Middleton (Retford FC)
Flynn McNaughton (Selby Town)
Dylan Parkin (Selby Town)
Jon-Paul Vass (Selby Town)
Daniel Snaith (Selby Town)
Charlie Clamp (Selby Town)
Reece Clegg (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Myron Gibbons (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Declan Howe (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Owen Wildblood (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
George Clarke (Albion Sports)

Kayden Henry (Albion Sports)
Spencer Gordon (Albion Sports)
Cameron Green (Albion Sports)
Jaydan Sandhu (Albion Sports)
Mitchell Mullins (Clipstone)
Antony Leech (Eccleshill United)
Jonny Irving (Eccleshill United)
Josiah Chadeem (Eccleshill United)
Ben Clowes (FC Humber United)
Jonathan Hart (FC Humber United)
Daniel Murrie (FC Humber United)
Jamie Baxter (FC Humber United)
Ashley Whiteley (FC Humber United)
George Hurren (FC Humber United)
Edward Wileman (FC Humber United)
Oliver Barton (FC Humber United)
Jack Maeer (Goole AFC)
Samuel Cable (Goole AFC)
Jonathan Hill (Maltby Main)
Hugo Warhurst (Maltby Main)
Alfie Proctor (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Thomas Almond (Parkgate)
James Stafford (Parkgate)
Oliver Yates (Parkgate)
Thomas Staniland (Parkgate)
Zach Walker (Parkgate)
Kyle Hempshall (Rainworth Miners Welfare)
Bradley Billam (Rossington Main)
Liam Theakstone (Sherwood Colliery)
Ethan Wiesztort (Sherwood Colliery)
Innocent Huly (Shirebrook Town)
Joel Harris (Shirebrook Town)
Craig Bentham (Silsden AFC)
Liam Hudson (Silsden AFC)
Mark Simpson (Silsden AFC)
Samuel Lee (Silsden AFC)
Matthew Moses (Silsden AFC)
Mark Everingham (Silsden AFC)
Daniel Forrest (Silsden AFC)
Bradley Emmerson (Eccleshill United)
Alexander Laird (Eccleshill United)
Joel Dungworth (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Alfie Dodsworth (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Matthew Semley (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Robert John Farrell (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Kyle Wordsworth (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Callum Walmsley (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Conor Gavin (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Dempsey Smith (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Ross Pritchard (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Luke Walker (AFC Mansfield)
Kian Bramley (AFC Mansfield)
Kofi Appiah (AFC Mansfield)
Elliot Wilson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Ben Donoghue (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)

Kamron Basi (Albion Sports)
Christopher Smith (Clipstone)
Robert Paling (Clipstone)
Charlie Dawes (Clipstone)
Luke Aldrich (Eccleshill United)
Alex Barnes (Eccleshill United)
Samuel Awty (Eccleshill United)
Allan Greenwood (Eccleshill United)
Dominic Riordan (Emley AFC)
Jamie Price (Emley AFC)
Marcus Haydock (Emley AFC)
Callum Charlton (Emley AFC)
Lennon O'Grady (Emley AFC)
Aiden Savory (Emley AFC)
Samuel Kelly (Emley AFC)
Szymon Czubik (FC Humber United)
Ryan Smith (Maltby Main)
Luca Brinsley (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Jordan Greaves (Parkgate)
Matthew Robinson (Retford FC)
Jack Walker (Retford FC)
Yaya Dembele (Retford FC)
Jimmy Adcock (Sherwood Colliery)
Liam West (Sherwood Colliery)
Sam Allcock (Shirebrook Town)
William Dodds (Shirebrook Town)
Mark Dudley (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Brandon Webster (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Monty Parkes (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Charlie Bell (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Michael Jepps (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)
Declan Whitton (Clipstone)
Jonathan Wileman (FC Humber United)
Harry Watson (FC Humber United)
Joe McFadyen (North Ferriby)
Anees Younis (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Luis Penny-Larter (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Amir Berchil (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Samuel Ford (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Matthew Owens (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Joe Wood (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Alfred Thompson (Worsbrough Bridge Athletic)

Jamal Stewart (Albion Sports)
Alex Cusack (Albion Sports)
Mohamed Kaba (Albion Sports)
Talent Ndlovu (Eccleshill United)
Ben Bodle (Eccleshill United)
Jon Kennedy (Retford FC)
Oliver Bilham (Retford FC)
Graeme Severn (Retford FC)
William Hunter (Retford FC)
Jordan Parsons (Retford FC)
Lewis O'Connor (Retford FC)
Jake Ellam (Parkgate)

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