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NCEL Match Officials Appointments List

Please note that only Division One games and League Cup matches involving two Division One teams will be displayed here. All other appointments are made by the FA and can be found by clubs through MOAS.

Saturday 27th August, 2016
NCEL Division One
 Eccleshill UnitedvBrigg Town3:00pm
Referee: Paul Matthewson (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: Danny Smith (South Yorkshire), Natasha Wilson (South Yorkshire)
 Glasshoughton WelfarevYorkshire Amateur3:00pm
Referee: Nigel Haycock (West Yorkshire)
Assistants: Lee Bramley (South Yorkshire), Patrick Wyatt (South Yorkshire)
 Nostell Miners WelfarevTeversal3:00pm
Referee: Danny Guest (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: Michael Brown (South Yorkshire), Scott Thompson (South Yorkshire)
 Ollerton TownvDronfield Town3:00pm
Referee: Michael Leneghan (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: Douglas Carroll (Nottinghamshire), Graham Taylor (Nottinghamshire)
 Penistone ChurchvGrimsby Borough3:00pm
Referee: Callam Gough (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: John Hislop (West Yorkshire), Piotr Zak (South Yorkshire)
 Selby TownvKnaresborough Town3:00pm
Referee: James Fox (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: Wayne Hinchliffe (South Yorkshire), Russell Kettell (South Yorkshire)
 Shirebrook TownvWorsbrough Bridge Athletic3:00pm
Referee: Paul Saunders (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: Liam Marsh (Nottinghamshire), Paul Rodgers (South Yorkshire)
 Westella & WillerbyvHall Road Rangers3:00pm
Referee: Justin Carpenter (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: Jeremy Hyke (Lincolnshire), Jack Snowden (Lincolnshire)
 Winterton RangersvCampion3:00pm
Referee: Craig Grundy (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: Jamie Cogill (South Yorkshire), Craig Holland (South Yorkshire)
Tuesday 30th August, 2016
NCEL Division One
 HallamvRossington Main7:45pm
Referee: Liam Smith (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: Danny Smith (South Yorkshire), Michael Brown (South Yorkshire)
 Knaresborough TownvNostell Miners Welfare7:45pm
Referee: Tony Clubb (South Yorkshire)
Assistants: David Sutton (South Yorkshire), Tony Tierney (South Yorkshire)
Wednesday 31st August, 2016
NCEL Division One
 AFC EmleyvPontefract Collieries7:45pm
Referee: Michael Brownsett (West Yorkshire)
Assistants: Steven Beresford (South Yorkshire), Steve Grainger (South Yorkshire)
 Winterton RangersvShirebrook Town7:45pm
Referee: Andrew Brown (East Yorkshire)
Assistants: Wayne Escreet (South Yorkshire), Patrick Wyatt (South Yorkshire)