| Match Officials Appointments | Season 2021/22

Match Officials Appointments for Season 2021/22

Please note that clubs are urged to use the FA's MOAS website for the most up-to-date information on match official appointments. This list will be updated sporadically with amendments made only for the upcoming week's fixtures.

Friday 3rd December, 2021
NCEL Premier Division
Athersley Recreation
Athersley Recreation
7:45pm Penistone Church
Penistone Church
Referee: Daniel Gilpin (West Riding FA)
Assistants: Jamie Farnsworth (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA), Melissa Cairns (West Riding FA)
Saturday 4th December, 2021
NCEL Premier Division
Albion Sports
Albion Sports
3:00pm Winterton Rangers
Winterton Rangers
Referee: Joshua Drake (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Assistants: Paul Saunders (Surrey FA), Gary Hubbard (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Barton Town
Barton Town
3:00pm Hemsworth Miners Welfare
Hemsworth Miners Welfare
Referee: Peter Creagh (West Riding FA)
Assistants: Michael Wright (Lincolnshire FA), Robert Nunn (Lincolnshire FA)
Bottesford Town
Bottesford Town
3:00pm Goole AFC
Goole AFC
Referee: Gordon Greaves (West Riding FA)
Assistants: David Shimmin (East Riding FA), Mark Shimmin (East Riding FA)
Eccleshill United
Eccleshill United
3:00pm AFC Mansfield
AFC Mansfield
Referee: Luca Caggiano (West Riding FA)
Assistants: Haim Fiterman (West Riding FA), Samuel Clayton (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Garforth Town
Garforth Town
3:00pm Emley AFC
Emley AFC
Referee: Stephen Grainger (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Assistants: Ken Haycock (West Riding FA), Craig Smith (Lancashire FA)
3:00pm Grimsby Borough
Grimsby Borough
Referee: Mark Findlay (West Riding FA)
Assistants: Brett Hovey (Nottinghamshire FA), Martin Mountain (Nottinghamshire FA)
Sherwood Colliery
Sherwood Colliery
3:00pm Knaresborough Town
Knaresborough Town
Referee: David Sutton (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Assistants: Steven Clarkson (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA), Daniel Statham (Derbyshire FA)
Staveley Miners Welfare
Staveley Miners Welfare
3:00pm Maltby Main
Maltby Main
Referee: James Gallagher (West Riding FA)
Assistants: Thomas Hodges (Derbyshire FA), Robert Boam (Derbyshire FA)
3:00pm Silsden AFC
Silsden AFC
Referee: Dylan Hague (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Assistants: Luke Smith (South Yorkshire), Anthony Tierney (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
NCEL Division One
Brigg Town
Brigg Town
3:00pm Ollerton Town
Ollerton Town
Referee: Ryan Coulson (Lincolnshire FA)
Assistants: Jonathan Walker (Lincolnshire FA), Darren Tingle (Lincolnshire FA)
FC Humber United
FC Humber United
3:00pm Worsbrough Bridge Athletic
Worsbrough Bridge Athletic
Referee: Ben Brighton (West Riding FA)
Assistants: Ellis Douglas (West Riding FA), Thomas Smith (West Riding FA)
Hall Road Rangers
Hall Road Rangers
3:00pm Glasshoughton Welfare
Glasshoughton Welf
Referee: Andrew Pontin (Lincolnshire FA)
Assistants: Joseph Neadley (East Riding FA), Kornilus Maynard (Lincolnshire FA)
Harrogate Railway Athletic
Harrogate Railway
3:00pm Parkgate
Referee: Macauley Gibson (North Riding FA)
Assistants: Nigel Haycock (West Riding FA), George Paterson (West Riding FA)
Nostell Miners Welfare
Nostell Miners Welfare
3:00pm Armthorpe Welfare
Armthorpe Welfare
Referee: Anthony Ficetola (Army FA)
Assistants: Ben Curry (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA), Mark Ullyott (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Rainworth Miners Welfare
Rainworth MW
3:00pm North Ferriby
North Ferriby
Referee: Trevor Beck (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Assistants: Thomas Knight (Nottinghamshire FA), Danielle Knight (Nottinghamshire FA)
Retford FC
Retford FC
3:00pm Dronfield Town
Dronfield Town
Referee: Daniel Brown (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Assistants: Corey Simpson (Nottinghamshire FA), Simon Reast (Nottinghamshire FA)
Rossington Main
Rossington Main
3:00pm Selby Town
Selby Town
Referee: Christopher Arnell (RAF FA)
Assistants: Ian Dudley (Nottinghamshire FA), Joshua Thompson (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Shirebrook Town
Shirebrook Town
3:00pm Hallam
Referee: Phillip Morton (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Assistants: Graham Taylor (Nottinghamshire FA), Stephen Farrow (Lincolnshire FA)
3:00pm Clipstone
Referee: Gary Thomas (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)
Assistants: Russell Lagden (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA), Carl Gibson (Sheffield & Hallamshire FA)