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Toolstation NCEL player registrations

13th July, 2023

Here is the list of latest player registrations made by Toolstation NCEL clubs for the 2023/24 season.

Grant Tait (Beverley Town)
Darwin King (Eccleshill United)
Rikki Paylor (Emley AFC)
Samuel Kelly (Golcar United)
Joshua Round (Handsworth)
Thomas Brook (Horbury Town)
Matthew Reay (Maltby Main)
Oliver Currie (Maltby Main)
Jack Bull (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Nicholas Lalouisis (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Reagan Waud (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Harvey Booth (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Harry Charlotte (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Chris Barrow (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Harvey Walker (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Liam Owen (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Jake Dickinson (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Louis Penny Larter (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Alfie Charlotte (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Spencer Gordon (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Harry Atkinson (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Rhys Toft (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Hayden Swift (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Ethan Hargreaves (Ollerton Town)
Taylor Ragan (Selby Town)
Max Skelton (Swallownest)
Ethan Booker (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Callum Brown (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Oliver Brown (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Daniel Fullwood (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Mackenzie Ross (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Patrick Lindley (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Ethan Robinson (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Frankie Short (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Tomothy Wittaker (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Will Wraith (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Joshua Pickering (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Tyler Dunn (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Dustyn Grierson (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Leo Rimmer (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Axel Muhire (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Jacob Norburn (Brigg Town)
Declan Bacon (Brigg Town)
Ben Cousins (Brigg Town)
Henry Ellis (Brigg Town)
Stephen Fearnley (Albion Sports)
Rowan Kelly (Ollerton Town)
Blake Drury (Pickering Town)
Damian Gilliga (Pickering Town)
Joshua Wallace (Pickering Town)
Matthew Antcliff (Garforth Town)
Dexter Ball (Garforth Town)
Sam Barker (Garforth Town)
Jamie Barkway (Garforth Town)
Callum Brown (Garforth Town)
James Burgess (Garforth Town)
Dramane Caulibaly (Garforth Town)
Daniel Coupland (Garforth Town)
Louis Da Silva (Garforth Town)
Sam Denton (Garforth Town)
Rinor Ejupi (Garforth Town)
Ryan Foster (Garforth Town)
Daniel Gibbons (Garforth Town)
Fraser Hansen (Garforth Town)
Sam Leach (Garforth Town)
Charlie Marshall (Garforth Town)
Fergus McAughtrie (Garforth Town)
Daniel Omosebi (Garforth Town)
Nicky Thompson (Garforth Town)
Toby Wells (Garforth Town)
Duke Witter (Garforth Town)
Liam Woods (Garforth Town)
Alex Zachariou (Garforth Town)
Jordan Claxton (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Max Rhodes (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Ryan Boler (Staveley Miners Welfare)
James Gregory (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Carl Robinson (Nostell Miners Welfare)
William Taylor (Beverley Town)
Emmerson Cox (Campion)
Regan Edridge (Clay Cross Town)
Andrew Glossop (Clay Cross Town)
Liam Pritchard (Clay Cross Town)
Liam Vardy (Clay Cross Town)
Michael Williams (Clay Cross Town)
Liam Ormsby (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Joe Wood (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Joshua Brow (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Brandon Miler Hughes (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Aaron England (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Jack Deakin (Staveley Miners Welfare)
Liam O'Brien (Clay Cross Town)
Dylan Muggeson Forbes (Pickering Town)

Adam Kimberley (Clay Cross Town)
Daniel Mutch (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Max Fenton (Nostell Miners Welfare)
Mason Laws (Rossington Main)
Thomas Palmer (Selby Town)
Alex Clark (Selby Town)
Sam Finlaw (Shirebrook Town)
Keelan Grist (Pickering Town)
Anthony Mccardle (Pickering Town)
Jamie Poole (Pickering Town)
Mateusz Aniolkowski (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Ashley Bell (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Fredy Bernard (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Ethan Blackbourn (Swallownest)
Miguel Cassama (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Mathew Cunliffe (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Regan Dixon (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Aaron Gray (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Alfie Huges Daubney (Glasshoughton Welfare)
George Munashe Mwale (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Jonas Ndombasi (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Samuel Nelson (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Nana Hyarko (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Adam Walsh (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Matthew Semley (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Nathan Perks (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Harrison Rowley (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Owen Thomas (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Daniel Snaith (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Leighton Sawyer (Swallownest)
Jonas Sharp (Yorkshire Amateur)
Sanchez Payne (Yorkshire Amateur)
Joshua Brown (Clay Cross Town)
Joseph Dixon (Dronfield Town)
Luke Haslam (Wombwell Town)
Joshua Whittaker (Wombwell Town)
Josh Boast (Wombwell Town)

Szymon Czubik (Armthorpe Welfare)
Jamie Knox (Armthorpe Welfare)
Clay Brayant (Bottesford Town)
Jack Yates (Bottesford Town)
Josh Fawcett (Bottesford Town)
Joe Simpson (Bottesford Town)
Luke Ayris (Bottesford Town)
Radik Kaminski (Hallam)
Charlie Preston (Pickering Town)
Mariusz Bratowski (Pickering Town)
Sisquo Blakeley (Pickering Town)
Jack Dando (Shirebrook Town)
Sam Bebbington (Dronfield Town)
Tom Berry (Dronfield Town)
Thomas Booth (Glasshoughton Welfare)
Alfie Milnes (Dronfield Town)
Joe Parkin (Shirebrook Town)
Sam Thompson (Parkgate)
Bradley Mills (Pickering Town)
Ollie Webber (Louth Town)
Alex Aldrich (Louth Town)
Alex Carter (Louth Town)
Bailey Wright (Louth Town)
Benjamin Smith (Louth Town)
Jordan Smith (Louth Town)
Bradley Coulam (Louth Town)
Paul Coulam (Louth Town)
Callum Brown (Louth Town)
Harry Crawford (Louth Town)
Jamie Coulson (Louth Town)
Joe Marshall (Louth Town)
Mitchell Taylor (Louth Town)
Niall Johnson (Louth Town)
Reece Southwood (Louth Town)
Alexander Lait (Louth Town)
Finlay Drakes (Louth Town)
Kieran Perry (Louth Town)
Harry Jacklin (Louth Town)
Jack Bradbury (Louth Town)
Ollie Kendall (Louth Town)
Daniel White (Dronfield Town)
Harry Viggars (Garforth Town)
Bradley Beatson (Hallam)
Brandon Bagley (Handsworth)
Thomas Crosby (Retford United)
Joshua Scully (Retford United)
Joe Lister (Swallownest)
Corey Billy (Thackley)
Cole Carter (Yorkshire Amateur)
Harry Garman (Yorkshire Amateur)

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