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Toolstation NCEL player registrations

10th July, 2023

Here is the list of latest player registrations made by Toolstation NCEL clubs for the 2023/24 season.

Jefferey Agyei (Athersley Recreation)
Charlie Auty (Athersley Recreation)
Kyle Batchelor (Athersley Recreation)
Joshua Berry (Athersley Recreation)
Ethan Blatch (Athersley Recreation)
Jack Briscoe (Athersley Recreation)
Ryan Eastwood (Athersley Recreation)
Lee Garside (Athersley Recreation)
Jordan Guy (Athersley Recreation)
Ashley Mills (Athersley Recreation)
Ethan Nixon (Athersley Recreation)
Ellis Pickard (Athersley Recreation)
Spenser Sheppard (Athersley Recreation)
Hayden Webster (Athersley Recreation)
Jack Wild (Athersley Recreation)
Stephen Williams (Athersley Recreation)

Benjamin Agu (Horbury Town)
Joe Angell (Horbury Town)
Abdul Asamoah (Horbury Town)
Samuel Awty (Horbury Town)
Gibril Bojang (Horbury Town)
Joshua Brentnall (Ollerton Town)
Daniel Wassell (Horbury Town)
Jake Kelly (Horbury Town)
Elliott Lightower (Horbury Town)
Aiden Downham (Horbury Town)
Samuel Kyeremeh (Horbury Town)
Paul Hagreen (Horbury Town)
James Cusworth (Horbury Town)
James Smith (Horbury Town)
Daniel Ward (Horbury Town)
Eoin Schofield (Horbury Town)
Joe Penn (Horbury Town)
Luke Playford (Horbury Town)
Thomas Shann (Horbury Town)
Josh Williams (Horbury Town)
Finlay Ellis (Horbury Town)
Robert Evans (Horbury Town)
Declan McGiven (Horbury Town)
Ben Brook (Horbury Town)
Andrew Horbury (Horbury Town)
Jack Emmeth (Knaresborough Town)
Colin Heath (Knaresborough Town)
Simon Parkes (Knaresborough Town)
Warren Walker (Knaresborough Town)
Lewis Dobson (Knaresborough Town)
Josh Knowles (Knaresborough Town)
Philip Milsom (Knaresborough Town)
Jack Powis (Knaresborough Town)
Cole Wildin (Knaresborough Town)
Tom Sowden (Ollerton Town)
Conner Eyes (Ollerton Town)
Harley Williams Brown (Ollerton Town)
Sam Roebuck (Ollerton Town)
Ben Southwell (Ollerton Town)
Ivo Radzivilovics (Ollerton Town)
Oliver Kilvington (Albion Sports)
Callum Buttle (Albion Sports)
Elvind Johnsen (Albion Sports)
Fernado Moke (Albion Sports)
Connor Patchett (Athersley Recreation)
Jed Wilkinson (Athersley Recreation)
Thomas Street (Athersley Recreation)
Nathan Stone (Athersley Recreation)
Luke Smith (Athersley Recreation)
Luke Parker (Athersley Recreation)
Ryan Musselwhite (Barton Town)
Alexander Knaggs (Beverley Town)
Chris Adams (Beverley Town)
Matthew Plumber (Beverley Town)
Harry Griffin (Beverley Town)
Ollie Baldwin (Beverley Town)
James Piercy (Beverley Town)
Philip Dobson (Beverley Town)
Matthew Stafford (Beverley Town)
Luke Suluburic (Beverley Town)
Nathan Ofori (Beverley Town)
Kai Larkin (Beverley Town)
Eric Onyeka (Beverley Town)
Joshua Batty (Beverley Town)
Musah Stamburi (Eccleshill United)
Etienne Sumaili (Eccleshill United)
Zackary Sangster (Eccleshill United)
Charlie Clegg (Frickley Athletic)
Thierry Hendrickson (Frickley Athletic)
Sam Cooper (Handsworth)
Dylan Parkin (Handsworth)
Bartlomiej Grzywa (Ollerton Town)
Josh Anderson (Ollerton Town)
Nathan Brettoner (Ollerton Town)
Sam Cullingworth (Ollerton Town)
James Leverton (Ollerton Town)
Alex Gibbins (Ollerton Town)
William Monteiro (Parkgate)
Callum Lee (Penistone Church)
Alex Burton (Selby Town)

Lawrence Heward (Beverley Town)
Banjamin Hinchliffe (Beverley Town)
Joe Mcfadyen (Beverley Town)
Scott Phillips (Beverley Town)
Dylan Hough (Ollerton Town)
Tawonga Mungate (Ollerton Town)
Masai Arbouin (Handsworth)
Mason Barlow (Handsworth)
Taylor Nicholson (Handsworth)
Oscar Radford (Handsworth)
Owen Cooke (Armthorpe Welfare)
Jamie Austin (Armthorpe Welfare)
Jack Mawson (Armthorpe Welfare)
Jack Wilson (Armthorpe Welfare)
Freddie Russell (Armthorpe Welfare)
Rhys Meynell (Armthorpe Welfare)
Jack Waldron (Armthorpe Welfare)
Lee Morris (Armthorpe Welfare)
Owen Sykes (Armthorpe Welfare)
Billy Rhodes (Armthorpe Welfare)
Cian Guest (Armthorpe Welfare)
Thomas Almond (Armthorpe Welfare)
Kane Reece (Armthorpe Welfare)
Harry Hurst (Armthorpe Welfare)
Joseph Dunn (Armthorpe Welfare)
Cole Patrick (Armthorpe Welfare)
Rhys Plater (Armthorpe Welfare)
Sebastian Robbemond (Armthorpe Welfare)
Luke Sellers (Beverley Town)
Conner Harman (Beverley Town)
Arran Bovill (Dronfield Town)
Charlie Stewart (Dronfield Town)
Cameron Hill (Dronfield Town)
Matthew Crowe (Dronfield Town)
Regan Rooke (Dronfield Town)
Michael Fereday (Dronfield Town)
Callum Mawbey (Dronfield Town)
Stewart Hill (Dronfield Town)
Owen Lester (Dronfield Town)
Jake Hatton (Dronfield Town)
Lewis Naylor (Dronfield Town)
Thomas Gladdwin (Dronfield Town)
Mark Fereday (Dronfield Town)
Joe Pearson (Dronfield Town)
Calum Riley (Dronfield Town)
Isaac Knight (Dronfield Town)
Cameron Knight (Dronfield Town)
James Lindores (Dronfield Town)
James Thorpe (Dronfield Town)
Nicholas Benson (Dronfield Town)
Klearchos Filandras (Handsworth)
Ross Boyle (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Hakkinen Anani (Harrogate Railway Athletic)
Nathan Cartman (Knaresborough Town)
Edward Cass (Knaresborough Town)
Robert Feist (Knaresborough Town)
Matthew Ord (Maltby Main)
Christopher Salt (Maltby Main)
Liam Marsden (Maltby Main)
Khalid Suleiman (Maltby Main)
Myles Wright (Maltby Main)
Matthew Morton (Maltby Main)
Brandon Kane (Retford United)
Bradley Ronis (Rossington Main)
Nathan Hawkhead (Wakefield AFC)
Oliver Green (Wakefield AFC)
Arren Warner (Yorkshire Amateur)
Naeem Mamaniat (Yorkshire Amateur)

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Season 2023/24 Tables

NCEL Premier Division P Pts +/-
P 1 Emley AFC 38 85 70
2 Campion 38 76 38
P 3 Garforth Town 38 75 55
4 Rossington Main 38 72 23
5 Albion Sports (-3) 38 67 18
6 Penistone Church 38 62 15
7 Thackley 38 61 4
8 Knaresborough 38 60 16
9 Hallam 38 59 12
10 Silsden AFC 38 58 10
11 Tadcaster Albion 38 53 -3
12 Golcar United 38 52 10
13 Handsworth 38 44 -18
14 Barton Town 38 43 -16
15 Frickley Athletic 38 42 -17
16 Eccleshill United 38 41 -24
17 Bottesford Town 38 35 -38
18 Goole AFC 38 34 -56
19 Pickering Town 38 30 -46
R 20 Maltby Main 38 26 -53
NCEL Division One P Pts +/-
P 1 Parkgate 44 107 84
P 2 Beverley Town 44 103 83
P 3 Shirebrook Town 44 100 69
4 Wakefield AFC 44 97 89
5 Retford United 44 93 74
6 Wombwell Town 44 89 59
7 Horbury Town 44 83 53
8 Brigg Town 44 72 5
9 Staveley MW 44 66 22
10 Dronfield Town 44 64 12
11 Harrogate Railway 44 64 7
12 Retford FC 44 62 -2
13 Louth Town 44 61 4
14 Selby Town 44 59 7
15 Worsbrough Bridge 44 53 -10
16 Clay Cross Town 44 48 -28
17 Nostell MW 44 47 -13
18 Athersley Rec 44 44 -48
19 Armthorpe Welfare 44 41 -52
20 Glasshoughton Welf 44 35 -47
21 Yorkshire Amateur (-3) 44 35 -72
22 Swallownest 44 16 -118
R 23 Ollerton Town 44 4 -178

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