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FA National League System Rules - Season 2016/17

List of Rules:
  1. Definitions
  2. Membership Requirements
  3. Membership - Annual Subscription
  4. Power of the Board
  5. Interests in More Than One Club
  6. Players
  7. Club Colours
  8. Playing of Matches
  9. Registered Intermediaries
  10. Financial Records
  11. Football Creditors
  12. Result/Report Forms
  13. Champion, Relegation
  14. Insolvency Provisions
  15. Match Officials
  16. Withdrawal of Clubs
  17. Protests, Appeals
  18. Misconduct of Clubs, Officers, Players
  19. Trophy
  20. Alterations to Rules
  21. Admission Charges
  22. Long Service
  23. Centenary Awards
  24. Playing Surfaces
  25. Insurance
  26. Medical Personnel
  27. Player Transfers Between Clubs
  28. Provision for Membership Form to be Signed By Each Club Each Playing Season
  29. Provision for Full and Associate Members
  30. Promotion Agreements
  31. General Meetings
  32. Management Board
  33. Competition Officers

34-38. Miscellaneous

Latest Rule Changes

31.1 The Annual General Meeting, of which FOURTEEN days’ notice shall be given, shall be held at the earliest suitable date in June. The League shall be governed at the Annual General Meeting or at any special meeting by one representative from each of the Full Member Clubs. Not less than fifteen representatives to form a quorum. All resolutions except those relating to a change of Rule shall be carried by a simple majority.

31.2 The order of business shall be:-

1. The Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting and any other special general meetings to be confirmed and matters arising therefrom dealt with.
2. Report by President and/or Chairman.
3. Adoption of Standing Orders.
4. Presentation and adoption of the Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts.
5. Reports by the Business Secretaries of the League.
6. Report by the Competition Secretary.
7. Election of clubs for ensuing season.
8. Election of Officers.
9. Election of Auditors.
10. Alteration to Rules.
11. Draw for Challenge Cup Competitions.
12. Other business of which due notice of four weeks shall have been given to the Board.

31.3 An audited Balance Sheet as at the 31st March each year shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting.

31.4 On the Competition Secretary receiving a requisition signed by not less than one third of the Full Members of the League, he shall convene a Special General Meeting. He shall also convene a meeting at any time upon being directed to do so by the Board. Under normal circumstances 14 days’ notice shall be given of all such Special General Meetings but in emergencies, where the nature of the business does not make this practicable, the 14 days’ notice may be waived and the meeting called as directed by the Emergency Committee.

31.5 No alteration in the Rules shall be made until they have been approved by The Football Association. Alterations in rules shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting and at a Special General Meeting convened under Rule 6 for that purpose. Any alteration to the rules must be supported by at least two-thirds of those present and eligible to vote at such meeting.

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